Hoops legend and Social Justice icon Maya Moore Irons sits down with Bob Myers | Lead by Example

On Lead by Example with Bob Myers, Maya Moore explains how she has realized what her heart beats for, why she put the game she loves aside to pursue the cause of a man unjustly imprisoned, becoming an advocate for change. Bob sits down with the recently retired Moore Irons to discuss Love and Justice, the book written by Maya and her husband and how she went from basketball icon to one of the faces of justice system reform. Bob and Maya go deep into what drove her to fight for Jonathan Irons’ cause and when she knew she fell in love with him. They trace her leadership journey all the way back to high school basketball, examine the impact her mom had on her life, and dive into her devotion to her son JJ.

0:00 Bob Myers sits down with Maya Moore Irons
0:48 Being achievement driven from a young age
4:45 Importance of her mom
6:58 Balancing measured demeanor with competitive nature
12:12 Her leadership journey
18:50 Weighing decision to pursue her fight for justice
29:11 Falling in love with and being inspired by Jonathan Irons
40:18 Developing her sense of self and identity
47:52 How motherhood has changed her

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