Eric Decker on his football journey and past relationship with Tim Tebow I Soup with Coop

Cooper Manning and Eric Decker discuss Eric’s journey to the NFL while enjoying a bowl of soup. Eric shares stories of growing up in Minnesota as a multi-sport athlete. Why did Decker attend the University of Minnesota after growing up wanting to be a baseball player? Decker also details why he ultimately selected football over baseball following a conversation with Twins legend Joe Mauer. Plus, Decker shares his thoughts on becoming a Bronco alongside Tim Tebow.

00:00 Soup with Coop: Eric Decker
02:18 Decker discusses growing up in Minnesota
05:06 Decker’s experience growing up as a multi-sport athlete and his dream of being a professional baseball player
06:33 Where did Decker consider going to college and how did he end up attending the University of Minnesota?
11:29 Decker details his development and experience playing for the Golden Gophers on the football and baseball team
13:41 Decker shares the reason he selected football over baseball following a conversation with Joe Mauer
16:31 Decker’s thoughts on being drafted by the Denver Broncos in the same class as Tim Tebow
22:15 How did Eric Decker end up marrying country singer Jessie James and being on a reality TV show?
25:51 Did Eric give coaching or broadcast a consideration following his playing days?
29:12 Eric recalls the frivolous spending of former players in the NFL
31:28 How did Tim Tebow throw during their tenure as teammates?
33:24 Decker shares how he physically feels following his playing career
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