Do SportsCenter anchors ENJOY watching themselves on TV?

SportsCenter anchors Arda Ocal and Gary Striewski share their thoughts about hosting SportsCenter and SportsCenter on Snapchat.

0:00 Intro
0:22 The SportsCenter jingle is the best sound in all of sports
1:41 SportsCenter and SportsCenter on Snapchat give enough coverage of my favorite sport
2:47 I know more about sports than the average person
3:40 If people knew what my job truly entailed, they wouldn’t want it
4:38 Not Top 10 is a better segment than Top 10
5:20 I like to watch myself on TV
5:55 SportsCenter on Snapchat is more fun to host than SportsCenter on TV
7:07 Who I am on TV is who I am in real life
8:18 SportsCenter will still exist in 50 years

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