Is Jimmy G a winner & are we numb to Mahomes greatness? 🍿 | The Domonique Foxworth Show

Domonique and Charlie recap MNF and debate if Jimmy Garoppolo is a winner and if we’re numb to Patrick Mahomes’ greatness before getting into the transition point in the NFL, where we’re ushering out older QBs to make way for the young stars. Plus, Ashley Foxworth returns for another segment of Roses & Thorns.

00:00 Off top: Is Tom Brady a Turritopsis dohrnii, aka the immortal jellyfish?
00:25 The 49ers beat the Ram, is Jimmy Garoppolo a winner?
04:25 Is Cooper Kupp a true number one wide receiver?
16:26 Chiefs beat the Bucs: Patrick Mahomes performance
25:27 Why is Tom Brady still playing?
30:55 Why does Russell Wilson look like he is finished?
37:03 Aaron Rogers still has something left in the tank
39:03 Is Bill Belichick nearing his end in New England?
40:25 What’s your favorite of these players’ midlife crises?
41:41 A close game as the Bills beat the Ravens
48:57 The Jaguars vs. the Eagles, are the Jags the favorites in the AFC south
50:18 Is the NFC East the best division in NFL?
56:55 We were right about Justin Fields, apologize Chicago
57:46 Domonique and Ashley: Roses and Thorns

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